Hacking The Vans U.S. Open: Sunday

_B8A9423Courtney, strong. Photo: Taras

The US Open is a clusterfuck.

There's stuff going on everywhere, and it's hard to know where to be at any given time. In the spirit of keeping you happy and informed, we've created an unofficial itinerary to Huntington Beach's yearly bender.

Here's where you need to be on Sunday, July 31st:

Event: The morning pier swim!
Where: HB's magnificent water highway
When: 6 AM
Why: Chances are, you're gonna be hungover from our epic Jack Freestone party at The Bungalow on Saturday night. And what better way to cleanse your tainted soul than a pier swim at 6 AM? This is not a legitimate event and there are no prizes other than inner glow, but we highly recommend your participation. It's about 3,000 feet out and around the pier, just over half a mile. So please try your best not to die. We really wouldn't want that on our conscience.

Event: Women's CT Final
Where: Le Pier
When: 2 PM
Why: The women's world title race is really starting to sizzle. With world #1 Courtney Conlogue still in the draw and Tyler Wright nipping at her heels, the US Open could prove to be a pivotal moment in our first non-Carissa/Steph world title year since 2006. Assuming both of these gals advance to the finals, we would be hard-pressed to root against the local lady. That being said, Tyler hasn't given up a final all year long, so it really is a toss up. We'll go out on a limb and give a slight edge to Courtney, 'cause the pier is her second home. You can find her sleeping in a hammock tied between two of the pier's pilings on the eve of finals day.

Event: Men's QS Final
Where: Le Pier
When: 2:35 PM
Why: There are a plethora of potential outcomes for this event, most of which would make great stories. There's the 17-year-old who could grasp the number one slot on the QS. There's the Hawaiian who could use his marriage proposal as a springboard to victory. There's the local veteran-grom, who is channeling the '09-'10 Simpo vibes in an effort to revive HB's surf prominence. And the there's the world's best small wave surfer, who's looking to cement that very title. Smart money is on Filipe, but our heart lies with Kanoa. For the Pier Boyz!

*Daily tip: The best place to park on the always-hectic final day is the underground or parking lot off main. But even that will fill up quickly, so either get there at the crack of ass or wear some Heelys™. You'll ride like the wind and girls will melt over your scintillating swag.