Haleiwa Starts Today

Joel Parkinson, 2010 winnerJoel Parkinson, 2010 winner

According to the fine press-release writers at the Triple Crown, the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa will start either this morning at 8 or at noon, Hawaii Time. Which means that you have until either 10am or 2pm Pacific Time to get all of your shit done and watch the contest online here.

They're guaranteed to be running the contest nonstop through Wednesday because for the first time in Triple Crown history they've waited until the last three days of a waiting period to hold the contest. It's been dead flat. But waves are coming. Smallish ones, chest high or so. Offshore winds. We celebrate the approaching three-day run, because we hate waking up anticipating a day of webcast viewing only to find that a contest has a lay day.

Not this week. There are so many heats to watch!

And while every heat of the Triple Crown is stacked, mostly with scores of underground Hawaiian dudes, there are a couple of heats in first round we find especially intriguing:

Heat 3
Maxime Huscenot (French/Reunion Island kid from Innersection)
Gabriel Villaran (best all around from Peru)
Alex Smith (Kauaian ripper and lastnamefirst.tv blogger)
Dylan Goodale (another Kauaian, in our November 2011 issue said that his motto is "Satisfaction is the death of desire").

Heat 5
Sebastian Zietz (used to be "the next big thing." We're excited to see how he's doing)
Brian Toth (Puerto Rican pride/Bulldog)
Flynn Novak (Guy can do back flips on surfboards yet struggles for recognition)
Dege O'Connell (Frequently called one of the most underrated surfers in Hawaii)

We look forward to your thoughts about the heats we should have chosen instead of these. So many heats!