Hawaii No Ka Oi


Okay, sorry. Sorry. But this instance of brilliant product integration slash example of why Hawaii no ka oi landed in my inbox via a press release and I simply must let it out to wander.

The 34th Annual Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic, which went off last weekend at Makaha on Oahu's western shore, is not the type of event to which we'd normally devote much attention. With divisions including "Alaia" and "Standup Paddle Team Surfing," it's just not our cup of tea. Or not our cup of oil-black, donut shop coffee, as the case may be.

But give the contest's organizers, and the marketing staff at sponsor Primo Beer, some credit, for this next part is truly something. According to their press release:

"Competitors in the 250 pound plus division were required to weigh-in using the unique Bombucha seesaw: 250 pounds of Primo Bombuchas placed on one side of the seesaw while the competitor stood on the other side. If a competitor fell short of 250 pounds, he had to enter a tent full of 'grindz' to attempt 'Bombucha' status."

[Ed. Note: The Primo Bombucha is described as, "a 22-ounce, single-serving bottled product that caters to those who feel that 12 ounces of Primo just isn't enough." Yes!]

So, to summarize, surfers were weighed using a makeshift scale comprised of a seesaw and enough beer to get one of them probably half drunk. Furthermore, those deemed insufficiently obese were invited to stuff themselves until such time as adequate girth was achieved. Then go surfing.

Just wanted to share that.