The Hawk Family Charges Mavericks

With his mom and famous brother on board, Steve Hawk takes the whole family out for a surf at Mavericks

What did you and your family do for Thanksgiving?

Sit around stuffing your faces with turkey and stuffing?

Watch football until you passed out?

Well, Steve Hawk had a better idea. With all his relatives and loved ones in town, he decided to give them an up close look at Mavericks.

He loaded his 82-year old mother, his children, his famous brother (Tony Hawk), and all the relatives aboard the Hulicat and took them out for an up close and personal view.

But as all great holiday plans go, this one was almost a disaster. The captain got the chartered boat a bit too close to the peak and almost wiped the entire family out.

But it wasn’t as bad as it seems. As Steve put it; “If you can zoom in, check out the giddy expression on my mom’s face in Frank’s shot. Tony’s to the right of her, I’m to the left in the black hat. She’s 82, and probably thinking that this is a much cooler way to die than fading away in some assisted-living facility.”