Help A Brotha Out

Matt Foushee

Matthew Foushee, a dear friend, fellow surfer, devout yogi, and all around amazing person, was hit by a truck while on a surf trip in Mexico. On August 31st, 2013, Matt was crossing the street in front of Las Gaviotas, Mexico, when a truck traveling 50-60mph struck him. He was instantly unconscious, broke both his femurs, 8 ribs in two places each, had a collapsed lung (which later developed several infections, along with pneumonia), a lacerated liver, broken clavicle, cracked cranium in the lower back part of his skull that was so close to his spine it’s a miracle it didn’t move any further, broken jaw in two places, two cracked teeth, and lastly but most serious, a traumatic brain injury known as DAI – Diffuse Axonal Injury. The extent of the brain injury remains to be seen since he is just now coming out of his coma. Despite his interminable injuries though, Matt never stopped breathing and never stopped fighting.

A native of San Clemente in Southern California, Matt Foushee is one of the most determined, strong willed, hard working yet warm hearted, sensitive, caring, kind spirits you will ever meet. He has always been such a lively, outgoing, active person. He surfed and practiced yoga daily, two things he is most passionate about and positively lives for. He also loves running, skateboarding, snowboarding, riding his bike, truly anything active. That’s why it’s so hard to see him confined to a hospital bed for going on two months now.

Matt was released from the ICU after about a month. A week later, Matt started showing signs of waking up. Now, at about 7 weeks, he is smiling, hugging, and even doing some yoga stretches in his bed! Matt’s progress so far has been astounding! He does as much as he can, as soon as he can. He has already shown incredible promise and surprised all his doctors. However, there is still a long road to recovery ahead and Matt’s insurance does not cover much of the rehabilitation therapy he needs. Nor does it cover some of Matt’s already outstanding medical bills. Therefore, Matt’s friends have put together this Fundraiser Page for him:
Matt and the whole Foushee family would greatly appreciate ANY help you can offer! Even if it is just a dollar, or spreading this link thoughout your friends, family, and social media! EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS, helps, and is very appreciated!

You can see more in depth updates and photos on his Facebook page and his blog made for him and updated by close friends:
PLEASE visit Matt Foushee’s Official Fundraiser Site: