Photos: Jeff Flindt

By now all of you have heard about the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that occurred in Chile this wkend. The earthquake epicenter was just 5km from our Vigilante Costero (Coastkeeper) office is located and where Save The Waves’ environmental advocacy efforts
are focused. The earthquake and tidal wave damage to the area where we work is devastating. Our friends, colleagues and neighbors in coastal
Chile need our help more than ever before. Not a lot of news is coming out of the region because of the massive destruction but we know that it’s bad. The good news we’re getting is that loss of life thus far appears to be relatively low because the “slow” quake start allowed people to evacuate to higher ground. But the destruction to infrastructure is devastating, including to structures, drinking water, power, transportation, and communication. This means that aid & relief in the next few weeks will be crucial to help save lives.

Because our ongoing environmental work is in the exact same region as the disaster, Save The Waves is is uniquely positioned to help direct
humanitarian relief efforts in the region. We are therefore organizing a humanitarian aid trip to the Buchupureo, Curanipe, and Constitución regions and we are traveling this week ASAP with a doctor, medic and other support. Josh Berry, our enviro director, is going to Chile to
act as director of relief efforts, and act as translator, local contact, logistics coordinator and lieutenant. We are fundraising now
to cover costs of travel, shipment of supplies, and local relief efforts. We also are partnering with Waves for Water (
) to provide water filters for clean drinking water, something that’s crucially needed right now.

Many of you have been a great source of support and inspiration to our Chile program. Now our friends in Chile need all of our help more than
ever before.

All donations we receive for Chile earthquake relief will go directly to humanitarian aid in the devastated regions at the quake and tsunami
epicenter. Our efforts will be focused primarily in the more rural coastal areas between Santiago & Concepcion, the area closest to the
epicenter, as most international aid will focus on the cities. Your donations will be spent directly on the ground in Chile. Since we are
a small and nimble organization with years of experience in coastal Chile, your support for this disaster will be extremely effective. No bureaucratic filters, no delays. Donate and learn more at the link below.

Donation link and more info here: