Hurley Pro Lowers Trials: Mitch Crews Wins Wildcard #1

All Photos: Jimmicane

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“Are we leaving a funeral right now?” Nate Yeomans mutters as the San Clemente posse packs up their beach chairs and umbrellas.

Why the somber mood?

Because Mitch Crews just clawed the 1st of two Hurley Pro Lowers wildcards from on-fire local boy, Ian Crane. The other is to be decided by a video competition that Dane Reynolds has entered (which means we already know who gets wildcard numero dos).

Other than that, it was a pretty mellow day down at Trail 6, San Onofre. No nudist frolicking down the trail, no shark sightings. Probably the most exciting episodes we’re Evan Geiselman and Luke Davis unable to beat Jeremy Carter in their first heats, and Kolohe Andino terrorizing the beach all day like a 12 year child on Red Bull.

But the waves we’re rippable and the prize, a big one: Two heats at Lowers + 8k, with the potential for more if you’re still dreaming come mid-September.

2nd place got a friendly smile and a handshake.

Congrats to Mitch Crews for adding another )( logo into their solo event of 2013.

1. Mitch Crews
2. Ian Crane
3. Michael Dunphy, Nate Yeomans
5. Pat Guduaskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Conner Coffin, Jeremy Carter