Hurley Wants You To Surf Better

Wanna learn how to do this? Check out the Hurley Surf Club. Photo: Corey Wilson

Fumbling around the internet this morning, I came across a YouTube video called “How-To Alley Oop Like Kolohe Andino”.

After following a few links, I stumbled upon the Hurley Surf Club site, something I had never heard of before. Through a quick perusal of the site, I learned that it was essentially an online community focused around improving people’s surfing skills.

The site offers Personal Video Coaching, a free program that allows users to send in a 1-3 wave clip of themselves that will be analyzed by one of Hurley’s professional surf coaches, including Mike Parsons, Barton Lynch, Chris Gallagher, etc. Coaches will call each user and dissect their surfing, while giving constructive criticism so that the surfer can improve their technique in the future.

Another feature on their site is the How-To section, which currently consists of “How-To Power Carve” with Carissa Moore and “How-To Frontside Tuberide” with Rob Machado, along with the aforementioned Kolohe alley oops video. One can only hope that there will be a “How-To Everything” with JJF in the near future.

The Hurley Surf Club will also host live events, where individuals can have their surfing analyzed in realtime. The first of these events is taking place right now, at the Lowers Hurley Pro! If you want to join the progressive movement sometime this week, you can sign up here. I’ll be giving it a go, because lord knows my pathetic water-humping could use some help.

Overall, the Hurley Surf Club looks to be focused on the progression of everyone — not just the top pros. They want Average Joe to push his limits and feel better about his surfing as a whole. And it’s pretty damn cool that they’re doing this all for free. I’ll let you know how my trial run goes. –Michael Ciaramella