Oakley Indosections gives Indo surfers a path onto Taylor Steele's Innersection project

PHOTOS: Nate Lawrence

We've been stomping through their paradise for decades now. Gorging ourselves on waves. Filming and photographing everything. Building fame and fortune off their humble abode.

And they've been taking notes.

The same kids who used to bring you noodles and beg for a section of your broken board is now adding AfterEffects to his Final Cut timeline and sourcing his own local edit track. Indo surfers may not be able to travel, but they rip at staying home.

Following a rip-roaring World Pro Junior event, Oakley offered to help turn the best five local sections into a bonus feature on Taylor Steele's next film. But how do we decide the best five?

Ha ha, just kidding. SURFING is going to tell you….because we do that sometimes.

#5: Mega Semadhi: Bukit grown Bali-boy Mega put a lot of care into this section. Solid production. Solid surfing. The AVA song is a bit safe…but considering that these surfers had to license rights-free music, he actually proved pretty industrious in securing this track.

Lee Wilson
#4: Lee Wilson: Rockabali blues with a Johnny Cash backbone fits Lee's agro style just right. We wish we could place this higher, but it looks like Lee doesn't film enough. Considering his talent and his location, wave quality could be a bit higher.

Mustofa Jeksen
#3 Mustofa Jeksen: Epic barrel riding. And that's really what we want to see. Mus came close in the main event, and he's close here too. Definitely a qualifier. Undeniably.

Dede Suryana
#2 Dede Suryana: Even out of focus and show with an Indo-tripod (Dede's 11-year-old cousin's back), it's all too clear that Dede is a pure surfing talent. His airs are all five feet above the lip. Turns are super critical. And when he's not doing those, he's inside the barrel. Clips. Combos. Cool.

Garut Widiarta
#1 Garut Widiarta: Hindu teeth filing and gamalon music matched with rodeo flips and 10-second below-the-reef tubes, Garut's bold moves deserve recognition. That's why he's our pick for the 10-million dollar prize. (Dollars may be paid in rupiah.)

That's our pick. Innersection will be conducting the final seeding's live in Bali this Friday, so what we say may not actually matter…but that never stopped us from saying it anyway.

In the end, it's just about supporting Indonesian surfing. These guys can't travel, so this is the best way for their pros to get exposure. So check out Indo-Sections this week before it disappears into the movie. —ING