Innersection’s Last Stand

[Innersection has entered the edit room. SURFING editor Nathan Myers and a guy named Taylor Steele are locked away in a secret location putting the final edits the 25 sections an online audience voted into the movie. After days of no sleep, Nathan sent us this note:]

After 11,000 emails and apocalyptic levels of uploading and downloading, we're done working with our filmmakers. Like turning the insane asylum loose on the streets. They're your problem now.

We've got our own issues. Twenty-five sections, locked and loaded. We've begun to make the movie. We stopped sleeping.

Stoked to report that all the re-made sections are a step above their winning submissions. It's rad how every director poured everything they had into their 2-3 minutes of glory. Mike Losness's new skit is classic. Matt Meola's latest airs are a whole new level. Ry Craike gets some even crazier barrels. We're tripping out.

But even better than the individual sections is the effect of watching them one after another. A journey through the mind of Marzo. A flight with Ando. A unicorn from an Ozzy dimension. Innersection is a wild ride. Proof of just how many ways there are to approach a wave.

Here's a quick sneak peak, but we're not quite done yet. November 26th is the big show — 30 U.S. premiers all on the same night. It'll be plenty more Clif bars and Coronas til the final cut ready for the catwalk, but at least we can see the ocean now…and it's pumping.

If you happen to run into one of our filmmakers on the street, to not attempt to approach them. And, please, DO NOT ask them to produce any short films for you. We cannot stress this enough. These are volatile and dangerous individuals. See for yourself. —NM