Insight from a bus


Insight from a bus

By Roving Art Guy Scott Chenoweth

It's chaos. It smells of fermented free souls. It's loud…deafening, even. Then — smash! The sound of shattering glass trumps it all as the bus door snaps from its track and hits the floor. Momentary silence. It feels like a cool breeze and a shower. Intoxication, however, fuels indifference, and the Insight crew quickly jolts back into form. Actually, the whole mishap causes the raging to intensify. After all, we're close to Splendor in the Grass, a two-day music festival in Byron Bay, which is an eccentric, free-spirited little community camped out on the easternmost point of Australia.

polaroid_1But we're not there yet.

About a week before Splendor in the Grass, Insight launched a tour up and down the east coast of Oz in a psychedelic bus that could rival any '60's original out there. Inside was the Insight surf and skate team, along with a few beauties for inspiration, and a pasture's worth of leather jackets…all of them there for the entire 2 week journey that would end, come hell or high water, at Splendor in the Grass.

And now we're in Byron and the festival is about to begin. But right now the weather is perfect, the town is packed and buzzing with emotion and anticipation. The only thing that is missing is surf. In a few days, though — if we're still alive — it looks like we'll be greeted with a solid 6-foot at 18 second bathing of waves. The boys are frothing, eyeing their sticks and chirping about the barrels they plan on weaving their buzzing little heads through. Wish us well — it's all happening now.

Stay tuned for a bit of Splendor in the Grass and the rest of the adventure.