Interesting Moments with Owen Wright

In anticipation of the coming issue’s “7 Days With Owen Wright”feature, we’d like to share a few interesting moments from our timewith Owen.

When Owen’s dog Oreo (named after Oreo biscuits – they don’t say”cookies” in Australia) sat perfectly still on a cliff for an hour andwatched us surf the craggy pointbreak below, that was an interestingmoment.

When we learned that Owen takes creatine monohydrate supplements -a substance NCAA universities are banned from distributing to theirathletes – to gain strength and weight, that was an interestingmoment.

When we learned that Owen has the same signature paint job onevery one of his boards ever (colorful demon hand-claws reaching upfrom the tail) that was an interesting moment.

When Owen brought home a new surf DVD and screened his section forthe family, the way most kids show off a good report card, that was aninteresting moment.

When Owen’s mum showed us the two fridges full of food – including6-dozen eggs per week – that it takes to feed her voracious kids, thatwas an interesting moment.

And finally, when Owen beat Dane Reynolds and Kelly Slater atBells, that was kind of an interesting moment, too.

For the whole story on Australia’s surfing prince, who now sits #3 onthe WQS and will likely qualify for the 2010 World Tour, check out “7Days With Owen Wright” in the August issue of SURFING Magazine – onnewsstands this coming week.