International Surfing Day Tomorrow, June 21!

Christians give out gifts and avoid eating certain meats. Muslims fast and then join in community prayer. The Jewish community avoids pork and celebrates eight days of menorah candle lighting and gift giving. In each and every religion there exists a sense of tradition related to sacrifice and celebration when a holiday comes around.

In the worldwide religious-like lifestyle of surfing we celebrate the three-year anniversary of our holiday: International Surfing Day. On June 21st, the official first day of summer, people across the world will sacrifice a few minutes out of their day to pick up some trash off a local beach or make donations to a local Surfrider chapter. Then to celebrate, go for a surf. No matter how small or big it is, sit out there and remember just how much you love to ride waves. But don't stop there, gather the bros and slam some glasses together because when the sun sets on the horizon the party is just getting started as we gather together to commemorate what it means to be a surfer.

Ways to celebrate International Surfing Day in a town near you:

-{{{80}}} official beach clean-ups worldwide in places such as the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, U.K. and Japan. Check out and to find an event nearest you.

-Surfrider is sending care packages to each of its chapters across the world containing ISD banners, t-shirts and posters

-Media coverage of ISD events in L.A., San Dimas/Raging Waters and the Mission Beach Wavehouse in San Diego

-Appearances at the events by {{{Celebrity}}} Professional Surfers Sanoe Lake, Shaun Tomson, Mike Parsons and Dino Andino

-Free wave time at the Wavehouse to VIP ticket holders who participate in afternoon beach clean up at Mission Beach

-Acoustic performances by Daredevil Jane followed by an all nighter hosted by DJ Corey Biggs

-A gift certificate for $250 to Pac Sun provided as a reward to the beach clean up volunteer that collects the most cigarette butts or plastic bags

-Santa Barbara Surfrider will be hosting its own beach clean up event at Ledbetter Beach from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

-Aloha Sharkeez at 416 State Street in Santa Barbara is hosting an ISD celebration party post beach cleanup starting at 8pm providing VIP seating, 2 for 1 drink specials and free appetizers

-Citizen Cope and Sanoe Lake will be hosting a PSA to be aired worldwide on Fuel TV and also featured on Youtube and

-Island Restaurants is contributing to the cause as well giving away two surfboards as well as some other in-store giveaways

-Surftech and Santa Cruz Surfrider are hosting a beach clean up for the crew at Steamer Lane, free t-shirts and surfboard demos will also be available

-Keep an eye tuned to the PacSun website for featured ISD artwork

-The Surfrider foundation is offering an ISD special membership package discounted to $21 which includes an ISD t-shirt and the opportunity to have your name in the next issue of Surfing Magazine

-To anyone willing to donate $621 to Surfrider on 6/21/07 Surfing Magazine is offering the chance to get your photo published in the upcoming issue

– Check out Rip Curl's Coverage of Foster's ASP World Championship Tour event sometime throughout the day to watch the top 44 duke it out via live internet feed of the search event from northern Chile

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the events taking place to honor the one and only day designated for the surfing population and remember that every piece of trash, every cent of cash and every backside slash will be beneficial to the cause. So clear those schedules blow off all obligations and devote a fraction of your time to the third coming of the one and only International Surfing Day on June 21, 2007.