ISA: Another Day of Highs and Lows for Team USA

Day 4 at the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Championships got started on a high when Cory Arrambide lit up the first US heat of the day after having been bed ridden for two days with a strong fever, which didn't stop him a taking a strong heat win which was immediately followed by Trevor Saunders in the very next heat with last minute heroics on his backhand to take second and keep advancing in the winners bracket.

The next USA heat though hit a low when number one Under 18 seed for the team Eric Geiselman got knocked into the losers bracket when France's Jeremy Flores dominated and Tahitian Heifara Tahutini found a barreling right and was shacked and then worked it all the way to the beach.

On another high the three girls Erickson, Papillion and Nichol all won loser round heats but against mediocre competition and will now face Brasilian's, Australian's, Hawaiian's, South African's, New Zealanders and French girls of which there were none in this round. On day 5 they'll be back in against the power surfing nations.

On an even bigger high Courtney Conologue continued her winning ways but in the next winners round she'll face Brasilian favorite Diana Souza. More props for Bethany Hamilton who advanced again today with a second after her last minute heroics on the last day when she actually finished first not second as previously reported.

Then the US hit another low as our groms in the Under 16's got hammered again with Kris Wiernicki and Andrew Doheny being eliminated from the competition. The only bright spark here was Kolohe Andino overcoming an early heat interference call to hold down second and advance with some big boy turns on a big boy wave.

The remaining Under 16 winner still alive and the US's number one seed in this division Dillon Perillo made a last minute mistake on a wave of great scoring opportunity and was knocked into the losers and now joins Andino trying to keep the US's Under 16 individual medal hopes alive.

At the end of the day and halfway through the contest, Team USA was in seventh in the team standings behind Hawaii, Brasil, Australia, South Africa, France and New Zealand who are all tied for first without any of their team-members eliminated at this point.

But tomorrow is another day and it's not over yet!