ISA World Junior Championships Day Four

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Dane Zaun again using his aerial skills started the USA’s day the right way by continuing to advance in the winner’s bracket when he launched on his opening wave to get a great opening score that was enough to get him a solid second behind the Tahiti’s Tamaroa McComb who had day four’s top Under 16 combined score.

Zaun in the process took the US’s first Aussie scalp and now finds himself in the last six on the winners side only two heats from the medals.

Meanwhile in the girls Sage Erickson and Courtney Conlogue both advanced while Kaleigh Gilchrist and Amy Nichol had their first losses and they now find themselves in the Repercharge/Losers rounds.

Conlogue again gave a commanding performance to be amongst the top girls of the day but now finds herself in a heat with team-mate Erickson tomorrow against two South African’s. This heat could be critical to the USA Surf Team’s medal chances as to get both of them through to girls final six in winners would put US in a great position to get major team points out of the girl’s division.

The USA Junior Surf Team suffered it’s first elimination from competition in the Men’s Under 18 when Jacksonville’s Cody Thompson couldn’t come up with a combination of scoring waves, Luckily for the USA Surf Team both Trevor Saunders and Micheal Dunphy won their respective Repercharge/Loser to stay alive.

Dunphy finished the USA’s day with a strong win in his Repercharge/Loser heat.

Tomorrow’s competition will prove critical for the USA’s medal chances when Andino, Evan Thompson and Geiselman in Under 16’s, Saunders, Dunphy and Arrambide in Under 18’s and Gilchrist and Nichols in Girls all hit the water in Repercharge/Losers rounds.

Keeping them alive will determine whether we make the “Podium in Portugal!”

The Coach!Peter “PT” Townend