ISA Junior World Championships Day Five

With first heat of the day for the USA's Trevor Saunders, he scrapped his way through his early morning heat in the Repercharge/Losers round three to advance behind Venezuela's Rafael Pereira to get the USA Surf Team off to good start on day five of the event.

He was followed by Michael Dunphy who had his best heat of the competition to date as he convincingly beat two Tahitians and a Costa Rican to join Saunders and advance further into the Repercharge/Losers bracket where they've caught up to Cory Arrambide.

All three now are in a position to advance into the top twenty-five of the Under 18's which is critical to the USA's medal chances.

With deteriorating conditions girls competition was cancelled on podium two and after round three of Under 16's on podium one was completed competition was suspended for the day.

In that round of Under 16 competition Kolohe Andino continued his fightback with a strong win in hotly contested heat against South African Dale Staples and he too has now caught up to fellow Under sixteener's Evan Thompson and Evan Geilselman and they too now like their Under 18 team-mates are one heat advancement away from cracking the top twenty-five in their division.

Meanwhile on the Winner's side Dane Zaun in Under 16's and Courtney Conlogue and Sage Erickson in Girls are on hold until event organizers schedule them for the better conditions.

Day six will be again critical for the USA team's medal chances all eight remaining competitors scheduled to be in the water in Rercharge/Losers competition and we'll continue our theme of "Stayin Alive!" and if we can do that we'll be good shape to get a team medal.

The Coach!Peter "PT" Townend