ISA: Courtney Conologue the only bright spark in a bad day for the USA

It took fourteen year old Courtney Conologue to post a convincing victory in the last heat for the USA of the day to bring some cheers from the US squad on a day when there wasn’t many moments to cheer about.

The super-groms Andrew Doheny and Kolohe Andino got hammered by the big boys as an overnight storm had generated a swell increase with power. If you’re going to surf with the big boys than you have to catch the big boy waves and show big boy moves and Doheny and Andino couldn’t match Aussies Christopher Friend and Owen Wright and Hawaiian’s Alex Smith and Granger Larson who stomped on them.

They were able to recover later in the day with wins along with Kris Wiernicki in there Under 16 repercharge loser’s heats to help keep overall team hopes alive.

In the girls it was an even bigger disaster as Sage Erickson, Lexi Papillion and Amy Nichol went down in a screaming heap, none of them even contending for advancement with all them finishing way off second place.

In Papillion’s heat Bethany Hamilton put in an inspiring performance in testing conditions to take a strong second to rousing round of applause from all the team’s on the beach at the second podium location at which the girls division was competing for the day.

After the third day of competition in the Quiksilver ISA Junior World Championships the USA Surf Team had taken a hammering, losing half of it’s team to the loser’s rounds.

Now the theme of "Staying Alive!" as was the case two year’s ago in Tahiti when the team fought back to take silver will be the challenge in day number four when the entire twelve person team will be in the water in huge day for the USA in the mid-way point of this championship.

Whilst it was a bad day for the USA, the other teams also had some ups and downs with all the key contenders losing a few competitors to the loser’s rounds, but as we approach the halfway point the host nation Brasil has lost only one team-member to the repercharge heats and the Hawaiian’s, South African’s, Australian’s and French are all in position for a shot at the four team medals, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper.

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