US Groms Get Hammered Again, all are Eliminated on Day Five in The Quiksilver ISA World Junior Championships.

The US chances in Under 16 competition on day five ended when Kolohe Andino and Dillon Perillo went down in the losers round to be eliminated.

In a dramatic change to the day’s previous conditions, the swell dropped a couple of feet and while it started off clean, by mid morning the wind had come up strong sideshore, blowing into the peak making take-offs sometimes treacherous and the chance of interference high and both Andino and Perillo were involved in incidences.

In Andino’s case, only needing a score in the low four point range, in his heats last minutes, paddled into a peak with authority whilst heat leader Paco Divers of New Zealand tried to intimidate the grom. If super-grom has learnt one thing in his first ISA World Junior Championship is to act like a big boy and he charged the take-off to have Divers drop in, right in front of him and kick out which threw the young Andino off ruining any chances of he getting the score he needed. The judging tower failed to make a call for reasons I still can’t explain leaving the number one seeded Kiwi Divers in first and Andino knocked out of the event.

In Perillo’s case in the opening moments of his heat he had a mental lapse and dropped in leaving him immediately in a hole right from the start that he was unable to recover from, unlike Andino had been able to do the day before.

Earlier in the day though in Under 18 competition Cory Arrambide sneaked through in the loaded heat of the day with France’s Jeremy Flores winning with Cory coming back in the last seven minutes of the heat to post two high scores to take second sending Hawaiian Kyle Ramey and South African favorite Jordy Smith into the losers bracket.

Trevor Saunders never got started in his heat and now faces the battle back through loser rounds with Eric Geiselman who on a positive note for the US ended the day dominating his losers round heat to keep moving through the deluge of heats he and Saunders face to get back to the individual medal contention.

Courtney Conlogue also kept advancing in the winners bracket taking a second to Brasilian Diana Sousa and now her Arrambide are only two heats from the final and a shot at the individual gold medals.

The US hopes of a team medal were kept alive also when all three girls in losers competition advanced with wins for Sage Erickson and Amy Nichol whilst Lexie Papillion squeaked out a second. Their next heats are now critical, as advancing will get them into the top twenty in the girls competition and the chance to earn much needed team points for the US now that the US’s Under 16’s are eliminated.

Tomorrow is another day in Maresias as it was hit by a viscous storm at the end of the day, who knows what we’ll wake up to.

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