It’s Always Sunny in Minnesota


Brett Favre is a boss. He's having the season of his life this year with the Minnesota Vikings — at age 40. His pass is still a rifle. The only people who don't like him are in Green Bay, Wisconsin — the home of his old team, the Packers. But they need to get over it. People from Wisconsin should be used to their best and brightest getting the hell out of Wisconsin.

In surfing, we don't have Brett Favre, but we have Sunny Garcia. He's challenging for his record seventh Vans Triple Crown title this year — at age 39. His hack is still a fire-hose. The only people who don't like him are the IRS, and they need to get over it. The government should be used to tax evasion by now.

The Favre/Sunny similarities don't end there: they've both come back from major injuries (Brett's bicep, Sunny's knee); they both won a single world championship early in their careers (Favre in Super Bowl XXXI in '97, Sunny the 2000 ASP World Championship), and they both could use a sweet new sponsor. Brett Favre endorses Wrangler jeans, which despite the name are mostly worn by people in IT with huge asses. And Sunny hasn't had much attention from the major surf brands in recent…decades. After his huge showing in Hawaii this year, maybe some surf marketing genius with deep pockets will start to think, "Hey…Curren/Rip Curl; Archy/RVCA; Occy/Billabong; Sunny/us?"

The NFL season and the Vans Triple Crown are both 2/3 of the way through. Let's hope Sunny and Favre both finish strong, and that Wrangler gets their shit together.