It’s Good to Be Mick

Mick Fanning has enjoyed a lavish past month, bookended by a disappointing Round 3 exit at the Quik Pro and his recent arrival in Torquay for the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach. Snapper in autumn is as good a wave as you'll find anywhere in the world and Mick, endowed with royal status in Coolangatta, cut himself a king's slice of the pie. Away from surfing, Mick celebrated the third anniversary of his marriage to former swimsuit model and Miss May, Karissa Dalton. Red Bull then hooked them both up with VIP tickets to a secret Foo Fighters gig on Sydney Harbor, before Mick flew to Melbourne for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. There he clinked glasses with Red Bull's racing team after their driver, Sebastian Vettel, took out the race.

But you think Mick wouldn't give it all back to have made just one more lousy heat at the Quik Pro Gold Coast?

SURFING: You got knocked early at Snapper. Did you hang about, or get out of town?

Mick Fanning: Yeah, that was a bummer, but I hung in there and watched the rest of the event. It’s hard living so close to it all because you wanna get away, but you can’t because you wanna see what unfolds. 

What did you get up to after the contest?

It was my three-year wedding anniversary just after the event, so I hung out at home with Karissa for most of March. After a couple of weeks at home Red Bull sorted me some tickets for the Foo Fighters secret gig on Goat Island in Sydney. That was amazing. Definitely one of the best, if not the best, live shows I’ve ever been to. It was so sick seeing a good band in that intimate kind of setting; there were only a couple of hundred people there. They played for a couple of hours too, I think there were 10 songs in the encore. They went mad.

And you headed down to Melbourne after that?

Yeah. After the Foo Fighters I went down and checked out the Australian Grand Prix. Julian Wilson and Sally Fitzgibbons were down there too, along with most of Red Bull’s Aussie athletes, so we had a good time. When Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull team won they put on a pretty wild party. They didn’t hold back on the budget. That was a really fun night.

Anything else?

I did the Drug Aware Pro in West Oz. The surf was pretty wild and I got knocked in the round before the quarters by Julian. We actually tied in the heat, but his highest ride was a 9.2 and mine was 8.17 so he got the win. I dig West Oz. It was a shame we didn’t get too many waves, but I always love heading over there. Other than that things have been pretty quiet, I’ve been doing a bit of training and trying some new boards. It’s such a sick time of year to be home with the weather and waves that I kinda hate going anywhere. The schedule is so stacked at the back half of the year that I’ve been soaking up every spare second at home while I can.

And Bells?

I’m always ready for Bells.  It’s an event I look forward to, I’ve always loved heading down there. It’s the 50th year for the comp so it should be a big one. Hope there’s a wild swell…like a Point Break 50-year storm swell or something. Love to get waves like they had for the 1981 event when Simon [Anderson] unveiled the thruster. Gonna be good though, I found a little Bells dream board the other day too, so I’m psyching.

Read Jimmicane’s Passion Picks for the Rip Curl Pro here (yeah, Mick made the squad) and tune in to for the webcast from Bells, running April 19-30.