Jamie O’Brien Wins The Backdoor Shootout

On the morning of the third day of Da Hui Backdoor Shootout things looked grim for Jamie O'Brien. A declining north/northwest swell was offering up inconsistent 4-to 6-footers and a north/northeast wind put a sideshore breeze on the Banzai Pipeline. Bruce Irons had a firm grip on the lead and it looked like JOB would have to settle for second place at his homebreak.

Then it happened in round five. A double-overhead, Backdoor nugget swung O'Brien's way. Jamie pulled in deep, like he always does, exited the tube, layed down a monster cuttie that stalled him into another barrel– 11.4 out of 12. Boom! The Freak goes from second to first in one fell swoop.

"I always dreamed of winning Da Hui Backdoor Shootout because this is one of the hardest events to win. There are always a lot more bigger scores and bigger waves in this event," said O'Brien from the winner's podium in front of his backyard. "This is right next to the Pipeline Masters […]"I hope one day I win the most events at the Pipeline, but I have to catch up to Kelly [Slater] and those other guys."

With his win at the 2008 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, Jamie O'Brien becomes the first surfer to win a Pipe Masters, Pipeline Pro and Backdoor Shootout titles. From his epic, 10-foot Pipe bomb on the first day to his Backdoor, double barrel on the last day, O'Brien was clearly the man to beat. Not surprising considering that this was the first real Pipeline swell all season and all of the action of Da Hui Backdoor Shootout played out in Jamie's backyard.

While JOB was the man to beat throughout the event, Tyler Newton was the boy to beat. The 17-year-old, Kauaian, nicknamed Ted Nugent by his teammates, helped Team Quiksilver to a first place finish. Tyler finished sixth place overall, but was still forced to pick up beer bottles and rubbish at the Quik house after the contest. Although the Garden Isle grom was on trash detail, Tyler clearly gained the respect of the Pipeline hierarchy by his performance in the water.

"The guy of the event was Newton. He was ripping and charging big time," claimed O'Brien. "He was definitely a contender for the contest title."

That's a huge compliment for Tyler Newton considering that it's coming from the most prolific Pipeline surfer at the moment. This victory at the 2008 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout shows that Jamie O'Brien has a special bond with Pipe, sort of like the relationship between Gerry Lopez and The Banzai. But, the main difference between Gerry and Jamie is that JOB is equally in love with Backdoor.

Makua Rothman

6th Annual Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Individual Results:
1)Jamie O' Brien (Red Bull) $50,000
2)Bruce Irons (Volcom) $25, 000
3)Ola Eleogram (No Fear) $15, 000
4)Marcus Hickman (Volcom) $6,000
5)Myles Padaca (Da Hui) and Mark Healey (Quiksilver) $5,000

6th Annual Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Team Roster

Quiksilver (Winning Team)
Mark Healey
Tyler Newton
Danny Fuller
Reef McIntosh

Jason Shibata
Manoa Drollet
Alejandro Moreda
Billy Zietz
TJ Barron

Kahea Hart
Aamion Goodwin
Hank Gaskell
Kekoa Cazimero
Dede Survyana

No Fear
Ikaika Kalama
Mikey Bruneau
Ola Eleogram
Kaupena Miranda

Gavin Beschen
Marcus Hickman
Tom Dosland
Bruce Irons

Red Bull
Jamie O'Brien
Jason Frederico
Pancho Sullivan
Jamie {{{Sterling}}}
Brian Hippwood
Ian Walsh

Makua Rothman
Dustin Barca
Kalani Chapman
Nathan Fletcher

Da Hui
Myles Padaca
Kalani Robb
Kala Alexander
Kealii Mamala
Billy Kemper