As you can see, the potential is there for great conditions in Japan
Japan. Years ago the mere mention of the country brought tears to the eyes of WCT pros. With horrible swell windows, expensive hotels and food and the marathon flights from around the world, Japan was definitly NOT the destination of choice for the travelling professional surfer.But things have changed. Now the Quiksilver Pro Japan is a mobile event. Able to move up and down the coast throughout the event’s waiting period. What’s that you say? A epic little sandbar is showing potential somewhere further down the coast? Well then, let’s pack up and head down there.Many casual observers look at the WCT schedule (aka the “Dream Tour”) and check off the destinations like a list of places they must visit before they die. Fiji? Check. Teahupoo? Check. Gold Coast? Check. Japan?!?

Joel Parkinson boosts during the final of last year’s Quiksilver Pro
Maybe it seems like Japan might not be the epic destination that everyone dreams about, but in actuality, it has a lot of potential. For instance, last years Quiksilver Pro Japan had the early rounds in 4-5 foot perfection. The event has been scheduled as such that it takes place in the heart of Typhoon season. And as anyone who has travelled to Japan during that time can tell you, the place can pump.But who to watch for in this upcoming event?Last years finalists, Joel Parkinson and {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, are both hungry to get on track and win their first event of the year. In last year’s duel, CJ narrowly clipped Parko by a slim margin to take the event title. But Parko loves Japan and will undoubtedly be stoked to head back to a place where he has consistently done well.

Previous winners of this event include Andy Irons, Danny Wills and Kelly Slater. All of whom are coming off of impressive performances at the last tour stop in J-Bay. Will Andy be able to bring himself out of the “slump” he has been in without a victory? His last WCT win was almost an entire year ago at the Quiksilver Pro in France. What about Kelly? Can he put his foot down and widen the gap on a potential 7th world title? We shall see.Stay tuned to from August 31st – September 7th for live event coverage. And be sure to stick with for daily updates, photos and insight throughout the entire WCT season.

The Japanese crowds follow the event no matter where it goesCURRENT WCT TOP 201 – Kelly Slater – 5342 points (3 2005 WCT Wins)
2 – Andy Irons – 4596 points
3 – Trent Munro – 4286 points (1 2005 WCT Win)
4 – Mick Fanning – 4230 points (2 2005 WCT Wins)
5 – Joel Parkinson – 3732 points
6 – Fred Patacchia – 3628 points
7 – Phil MacDonald – 3599 points
8 – Cory Lopez – 3575 points
9 – C.J. Hobgood – 3546 points
10 – Nathan Hedge – 3443 points
11 – Taj Burrow – 3438 points
12 – Bruce Irons – 3311 points
13 – Dean Morrison – 3299 points
14 – Daniel Wills – 3248 points
15 – Damien Hobgood – 3224 points
16 – Luke Egan – 3035 points
17 – Jake Paterson – 2936 points
18 – Tom Whitaker – 2931 points
19 – Darren O’Rafferty – 2919 points
20 – Richie Lovett – 2787 points