2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro – Round 2 Report

Danger ahead as Typhoon Nabi pumps

Mick Fanning sears the top off a long right wall

SURF: 4-6 feet and solid
NATURE’S CALL: Who said it's always small in Japan?
PREDICTED: 6-8 foot surf for the rest of the event. Oh my...

Dane Reynolds' nickname is "Danger." It couldn't be more appropriate considering that his Round 3 opponent is Andy Irons. AI's always had trouble with wildcards and is no doubt replaying his loss to the teenager last year at Lowers in his mind. This heat will be critical for Andy as he can't afford any early round losses in the remaining events if he wants to make a run at No. 4. Dane knows this is serious. After winning his 2nd round heat against Luke Egan, he said, “He's (Andy) looking like he’s out for blood, but you've got to beat the best to continue on."

Dane may have won, but he certainly didn't make it look easy. He's not a natural competitor and putting on a jersey makes him as nervous as a whale migrating past the Japanese coastline. He's also had to put up with a stomach virus he acquired last week in Fiji, a sushi and pickled seaweed diet that doesn't agree with him, constant ribbing from roommates Todd Kline and John Shimooka, and, the coup de grace, an utterly hilarious interview last night with local TV where he developed an acute case of "deer in headlights" disease.

Taylor Knox had his carve on for Round 2

Somehow, though, he was able to pull it together this morning. The new swell from Super Typhoon Nabi was pouring through, forcing a move to a chunky reefbreak called {{{Malibu}}} that handles anything the Pacific can throw at it. Dane was ready. Well, maybe not exactly ready. After a series of false starts and mistimed maneuvers, the Danger Man finally got it together when he found an insider with a wall. He threw up a floater, raced down the line and then launched one of his signature, tweaked-out air reverses and made it. His score was 8.0 and it gave him a date tomorrow morning with Andy when the swell is really expected to crank. Should be fun to watch, provided the tech crew is able get the webcast going. Today's last minute move to a break that sits underneath a highway overpass didn't work for streaming video, but by tomorrow everything should be dialed.

Apart from a lone triumph from the pre-pre school, Round 2 belonged to the old guard. Trent Munro (who is only 26 but is a classic old school power surfer) smashed Kenta Hayashi for the highest score of the day in the first heat. Occy obliterated Tim Curran with a few will-timed hacks into Malibu's ledgy walls, Taylor Knox got some arc-age going against Luke Stedman and Sunny Garcia got a twinkle in his eye as Malibu started looking like a mini Haleiwa (complete with toilet bowly end section) in a win over Chris Ward. The other major story of the day was the departure of Joel Parkinson. Parko's world title hopes were dealt a potentially lethal blow when a nagging knee sprain turned out to be a ligament tear. After being told the extent of the injury by a local doctor, he withdrew from the event and flew back to Australia last night. When he heard the news, friend and fellow world title contender Mick Fanning said, "That sucks. Hopefully he can get it right, go to some good guys at home, get it fixed, and be back for the rest of the events."

In the kind of season where even an event that's not supposed to have good waves suddenly turns epic, being sent to the surgeon's table is a cruel way to go out.

Giant killer Dane Reynolds will take on Andy Irons in Round 3


Heat 1: Masato Watanabe wins by forfeit over Joel Parkinson
Heat 2: Trent Munro def Kenta Hayashi
Heat 3: Mick Fanning def Hideyoshi Tanaka
Heat 4: Nathan Hedge def Masatoshi Ohno
Heat 5: Dane Reynolds def Luke Egan
Heat 6. Renan Rocha def Fred Patacchia
Heat 7. Danny Wills def Shea Lopez
Heat 8. Toby Martin def Jake Paterson
Heat 9: Shane Beschen def Peterson Rosa
Heat 10: Mark Occhilupo def Tim Curren
Heat 11: Taylor Knox def Luke Stedman
Heat 12: Sunny Garcia def Chris Ward
Heat 13: Marcelo Nunes def Kalani Robb
Heat 14: Travis Logie def Tim Reyes
Heat 15:Troy Brooks def Greg Emslie
Heat 16: Lee Winkler def Raoini Monteiro


Heat # 1: Mick Fanning v. Shane Beschen
Heat # 2: Daniel Wills v. Travis Logie
Heat # 3: Bruce Irons v. Marcelo Nunes
Heat # 4: {{{CJ}}} Hobgood v. Toby Martin
Heat # 5: Cory Lopez v. Paulo Moura
Heat # 6: Phil MacDonald v. Lee Winkler
Heat # 7:Mark Occhilupo v. Richie Lovett
Heat # 8: Kelly Slater v. Masato Watanabe
Heat # 9: Andy Irons v. Dane Reynolds
Heat #10: Darren O’Rafferty v. Taylor Knox
Heat #11: Nathan Hedge v. Sunny Garcia
Heat #12: Damien Hobgood v. Troy Brooks
Heat #13: Trent Munro v. Renan Rocha
Heat #14: Tom Whitaker v. Michael Lowe
Heat #15: Taj Burrow v. Victor Ribas
Heat #16: Dean Morrison v. Bede Durbidge