J-Bay Is Under Attack: Developers Trying To Take Over World Class Surf Town

An open letter from a concerned J-Bay citizen and surfer:

Howdy everybody,

Our little town of J Bay is under threat from developers, and unless something is done about it, the Town we know and love will be history. A new development trend has made an appearance in the last week, and advertisements have been placed in the press, to pave the way for a 15 story building to be erected at Dolphin beach in town. The proposed development is on the site of the existing Times Square. The fear is that once one such approval is given it will open the flood gates for others. In a worst case scenario, can you imagine high rise developments along the beach front from Boneyards to Point! We have to stop this, and stop it now.

We want as many people as possible world wide to object to this development, and to this end you can log on to www.SaveSupertubes.com and lodge your objection. This website is cooking and the objections are starting to pour in. Also most important, pass this message on to everybody who may have an interest in J Bay, especially the surf mags.Please help!