Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Billabong Rio Pro, Brazil

Jimmicanes' Team

Redemption struck in Torquay, as I rebounded from my shocker at the first event and my inner Jimbrodamus predicted things like epic Bells, Parko winning, Fanning bouncing back, Kelly losing but still doing well, and Owen Wright being the highest placed goofy-footer. Now we go to the land of passion that is Brazil.

Unless you sleep in a dumpster, you know that Brazilians dominated the most recent Prime event at Lowers last week. They were rollin’ deep down at Trestles, giving it more hell than ever before. I look for them to come hard in their homeland so I’m reppin’ some serious green, yellow and blue this round. —Jimmicane

Adriano De Souza

My main man in this event. I saw him at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos the other week. He ordered the grilled chicken bowl with black beans and white rice. I ordered the same thing. How’s that for some irrelevant information? But seriously, I remember Adriano’s introduction to the USA. He was 14 or 15 years old and came out of nowhere to go on an absolute tear in Virginia Beach for ECSC. Everyone was freaking out. He served up such a beat down, folks were just surrendering in heats and paddling in. Now there’s all these new Brazilians on the come-up copying Adriano’s old steez, and it seems like they might be stealing a little bit of his thunder. I think he’s gonna take that back in his homeland and remind us he’s the #1 Brazilian.

Jadson Andre

You’re goddamn right I’m picking this guy. Adriano’s tag-team Oakley teammate and defending champ. If you watched the final last year, you know it was like mother fucking pristine Cocoa Beach on the best hurricane swell in years. I’m talking slightly overhead, semi-glassy, and about as mushy as those tanker waves in Texas. In other other words, it was Kelly’s conditions for the taking. Yet ASP WT rookie Jadson Andre took that shit out. Gotta like my chances with this man.

Heitor Alves

Any Heitor haters out there? If there is, they are probably few and far in between. The guy surfs like a less aggressive, goofy-footed version of Michel Bourez. I honestly don’t know much about him other than every time there’s an event at Lowers I see him killing it during freesurfs, and he always does good in the comp as well. Miguel Pupo just told me he likes Heitor in this one, so I do too.

Alejo Muniz

Honestly can’t say I love everything I’ve seen of Alejo style-wise. He kinda gets butt-squatty on bottom turns (exemplified by hideous purple and yellow trunks sometimes) and exaggerates arm movement on certain turns, but overall he fucking rips the hell out of waves. Especially when throwing frontside grab finners. He’s also super young and has a high ceiling for improvement. Alejo is clearly part of the young crop of Brazilians who will be mainstays on tour for the next decade. Would not be surprised at all if he pulls an upset and wins this thing as a rookie just like Jadson did in 2010.

Raoni Monteiro

This guy was an animal in the old Rip Curl videos. Always liked him and wondered what happened when he fell off tour a while back. I heard he just loves to party and get tons of chicks. Well who in their right mind doesn’t? Doubtful he will do good in the event but I don’t doubt he’ll be MVP of the party scene… Plus I needed a cheap option so I could grab this next guy…

Kelly Slater

The only reason I’m picking him here is because he wears spring suits. Who the hell does that these days? Only Slater and that eternal surf doggie at your local break who rides a 7’6″ fish sitting out the back chatting and catching one wave per session. As far as I know, judges do not deduct points for heinous attire, so until they do, I’m riding with Jimmy Slade.

Damien Hobgood

I see Damo surf more than any of the other guys on tour and I’ve never seen him have a bad session. Not once. He’s the most well-rounded surfer in the world not named Dane, Kelly, Jordy, or CJ. Can’t do frontside airs to save his life but I doubt he’ll need to when he’s blasting the hell out of sections instead.

Gabe Kling

I’m happy to announce Gabe recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Megan who, like Gabe, is a great person. I’m thinking he could use the prize money from killing it in Brazil to help pay off that ring… and maybe something else too!

The waiting period for the Billabong Rio Pro starts tomorrow. Watch it live here and come back to surfingmagazine.com for more cool shit — some of it possibly about the contest, some of it not.