Ready for another fashion mogul on a shred stick? Of course you are. Joel Tudor, surfer, shaper, artist and all-around water baby, has always been known for his innovative thinking and smooth style in and out of the water, so it's only natural Tudor would channel his energy into a new realm. His signature clothing line, Harmony Amplifier, is a high end high-end, organically grown clothing line that blends style as casual as toes on a nose among the posh atmosphere of American Rag Cie. His creations include ultra soft tees, hoodies and the same signature style jeans that Tudor has rocked for years.

On May 28th, surfers and hipsters alike gathered at the American Rag Cie Fashion Island in Newport Beach to celebrate the launch of the line: Loomstate for Joel Tudor…Harmony Amplifier. Among the guests was Joel Tudor, co-creator Rogan Gregory, Women's Longboard World champion Jenn Smith and American Rag founder Mark Wertsnot not to mention a plethora of free beer hounding hipsters from Newps. The laid-back yet upscale atmosphere of the night at American Rage Cie blended perfectly with the designs of Harmony Amplifier and anyone who strolled through left super stoked and slightly buzzed.