Joey Buran Named Team USA Head Coach

Surfing America, theNational Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the USA, is excited toannounce the appointment of Joey Buran as the new Head Coach of the USA SurfTeam. Buran's role goes hand in hand with a new era of coaching andtraining for USA Surf Team athletes.

"Joey Buran is a dynamic addition to the USA Surf Team program and we’rehonored to have him involved," said Mike Gerard, Surfing America ExecutiveDirector. "While Surfing America had an incredible line up of applicantsfrom which to choose, Joey Buran kept rising to the top of theconversations. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and well qualifiedfor the job–his enthusiasm is electrifying, he has an incredible vision,and he is a very patriotic American! We’re certain that Joey Buran’sinvolvement with the USA Surf Team will launch the program to heights neverbefore contemplated."

Buran brings plenty of competitive knowledge to a burgeoning USA Surf Teamprogram. He began coaching some of California's top surfers after hishighly successful professional surfing career.

"There is a tremendous talent pool within the ranks of American surfing. Iam personally very excited and looking forward to scouting, recruiting, anddeveloping this talent for Surfing America," said Buran.

Dubbed the "California Kid" by ABC's Wide World of {{{Sports}}} broadcasters in1978, he was the first California surfer to break into the ASP Top 30.Buran finished in the Top 16 five times and placed seventh in 1984 – thesame year he won the coveted Pipe Masters. He retired ranked 12th in 1985and founded the Professional Surfing Association of America, which laterbecame the Bud Pro Surf Tour.

During the 1990s, he coached a wide range of surfers including Taylor Knoxand Julia Christian and also held coaching positions with San Diego's SurfRide Boardshops as well as Billabong USA, with surfers T.J. Barron, ToninoBenson, Che Stang, Nate Yeomans, Dane Johnson, and Brian Conley experiencingtremendous competitive success.

In 1998, Buran returned to the competitive arena donning an ASP Mastersjersey and surfed to victory over a hefty field. Known for his highlymotivational coaching techniques, Buran will surely bring a rejuvenated aurato the nation's top junior surfers.

"I anticipate that through hard work and diligent preparation our 2008 USASurf Team will be disciplined, focused, inspired, unified, and well preparedto represent our country in international competition,” said Buran. "Iintend to do all that I can as Head Coach of the USA Surf Team to ensurethat we will give our best — and be at our best — when our best isneeded."

To go along with the new Head Coach position, Surfing America named MikeParsons as USA Surf Team Program Director. Parsons is already a VicePresident of Surfing America and member of its Executive Committee.

“I'm really excited about Buran," said Mike Parsons. "He's definitely themost qualified person for the job considering his current experience withcoaching kids. He's also the perfect guy because he has the passion and thefire to capture medals for the USA Surf Team."

Additionally, Surfing America has unveiled a greatly expanded coachingsupport staff and will be releasing details about its new training programnext week.

On the coaching side, Buran will be joined by a soon-to-be-named AssistantCoach and returning Women’s Coach Julia Christian. Further, athletesselected to the 2008 USA Surf Team will have the opportunity to work with ahigh-profile Training Staff which includes: 1989 World Champion MartinPotter, 2001 World Champion C.J. Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Pat O'Connell,Mike Lambresi, and Matt Kechele. In addition to that, Mike Parsons and DinoAndino will conduct a special session of the Snips and Dino Surf Academy,exclusively for the 2008 USA Surf Team athletes in November.

"Our goal all along was to offer something special for these kids — morethan just being on a team and competing once a year," added Parsons. "Ourcoaching staff has great credibility and now, more than ever, will be ayear-round thing to bring more value to our program."

Buran will begin immediately at his new role. He plans on contactingcurrent USA Surf Team members to get feedback from the team's fifth placeresult at the 2007 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships as wellas provide them with tips and insight that may help in future events. Oncethe 2008 USA Surf Team roster is set following the SIMA Surfing America USAChampionships this October, Buran and the expanded training staff willimmediately begin preparing the squad for the 2008 Quiksilver ISA WorldJunior Surfing Championships.

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