John John Can’t Stop Winning!

I’m aware that John John’s rise to power is relatively old news, but episode three of ‘Twelve’, a video series on John John Florence by Bill Ballard, has just detailed the contests in Rio, Fiji, and J-Bay, in which John John refused to lose before the quarters. These contests pushed JJF into the number 2 slot on the Jeep Leaderboard, a springboard from which he would usurp Matty Wilko’s reign in the following event in Tahiti.

This video series, in my opinion, is a masterpiece. A documentary-style vision of  John’s first true world title run — Hurley picked one hell of a year to put on this type of project. But aside from the fact that John is winning and winning is compelling, the entire series is filmed, edited, and produced brilliantly, on par with John’s feature film, VFABM. This particular edit is a bit lengthy, but it is 18 minutes of wow and there is no better way to spend your lunch break.

Unfortunately we are unable to embed this video so please watch here.