Jordy Dot Com: Christmas Come Early

Jordy Smith dot com

Jordy and Kai launch, and surfers everywhere rejoice

Finally, finally, Jordy Smith catches the scent of opportunity and follows his nose to friend and film auteur Kai Neville. The two share a history of successes — a Modern history. Neither would waste effort with a lesser partner. Separately, each is the best at what he does; together, they’re a Burton-Depp force of surf cinema that’ll finally start paying regular dividends in the form of Jordy’s new site will stream B-clips from his workaday surf sessions — most of which, be assured, are stronger than anything that’s ever been put in a surf film before.

“I wanted my site to be more of a personal video/photo blog,” says Jordy. “Just really simple without out any bullshit. The edits that I’m going to be posting aren’t my best clips. I’m working on a video project over the next 12 months, so I’m going to save some keepers for that. I do surf every day and love working on web edits — it’s fun to keep it raw.”

Click, watch, surf. Just don’t call it Marine Layer Jr.