If…Josh Kerr

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Josh Kerr
Age: 29
Years on ASP World Tour: 6
Best finish: 8th (2011, 2012)
Career WCT victories: 0

Issue 6 2014If Southern California had waves like the Gold Coast…I would surf a lot more.

If you took away your daughter's skateboard…she would find a way to get it back or get another one.

If the new ASP does everything they say they're going to do…I'll have a mansion in San Diego because the tour life will be so sweet.

If you had to pick one stop on tour as your favorite, it'd be…the Gold Coast. It's my time to come back home and enjoy being around my family and friends.

If it weren't for falling off tour…I wouldn't be the person and the surfer that I am today.

If you win an event this year…my missus says that we can have another baby, so I'm hoping that happens.

If you had one more day with your dad…we'd go for a surf. It's been way too many years.

If people remember you for one thing, it'll be…for the Kerrupt flip because my name's in it.

If you could rename the Kerrupt flip…I'd call it a reverse double-grab alley-oop.