ISA World Junior Championships – Day 2 Update

Another Good Day for the Young Americans.

Led by second round wins by New Smyrna’s Jeremy Johnston and USASurfTeam Captain Alex Gray in the Under 18’s and Karina Petroni in theGirls the Americans continued to stay in contention for individual andthe team medals.

Marty Weinstein also advanced to the Under 16 quarter-finals with asecond place finish today.In the Girls Erica Hosseini survived an interferance call to still getsecond and Florida’s Connie Arias continued her consistency with anothersecond place, both moving on to join Petroni in the Girlsquarter-finals.In the double elimination format of the Quiksilver ISA World JuniorSurfing Championships, to this point America has only lost onecompetitor, Encinitas’s Lauren Sweeney from the Girls division.Still alive in the repercharge rounds with a chance to ultimately getback to the finals are Dane Ward and Nick Rozsa in the Under 18’s, EricGeiselman, Travis Beckmann and Tanner Gudauskas in the Under 16’s.The USA SurfTeam is in a serious battle for a medal with the SouthAfrican’s and Hawaiian’s with the Aussies lead by defending champion BenDunn and the Brasilero’s lead by the last year’s runner-up WilliamCardosa still leading the race for the gold.

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