ISA World Junior Championships – Day 3 Update

A Day of Wins for the Americans

Jeremy Johnston again continued his winning ways with first place againto move him into the Under 18 quarter-finals.

For Alex Grey, it was grey day as he went down to the Puerto RicansAlejandro Moreda and Dylan Graves and the Team Captain will now have tofight his way back from the repercharge rounds to get to the finals.

The rest of the day was repercharge action with Nick Rozsa winning backto back repercharge heats in the Under 18’s as well as Dane Ward gettinga second, both moving on to join Alex Gray in continuing reperchargeaction tomorrow, where they will all try to keep the finals hopes alive.

They have get to the top two in repercharge competition to get to theQuiksilver ISA World Junior Championship final.

In Under 16’s competition Eric Geiselman, Travis Beckmann and TannerGudauskas won all their repercharge heats today to also keep theirfinals hopes alive also.

The Americans have gone back to back days without losing a team memberto keep them in medal contention.

Tomorrow quarter-final action in all three divisions will sort out themedal potential, but at this point only four teams defending championsBrazil, Australia, South Africa and the USA are leftwith a full complement of team members with scoring potential alive inthe event.

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