kaaawa shark attack

Hawaii Water Safety Officials are investigating a shark attack that occured in Ka’aawa at 5pm on Tuesday night. The incident happened in front of the Crouching Lion Hotel. Reports say the victim was surfing about {{{300}}} yards offshore when the saw him paddling towards screaming for help. Rescue officials say the man sustained injuries to his left leg and calf area. His injuries are said to be very serious and it is still unknown if he will lose his leg during recovery at Queens Medical Center.

Lifeguards immediately cleared the waters and posted swim at your own risk signs. Most state beaches including Kahana Bay Beach Park are closed until further notice.

Additionally, Honolulu Firefighters searched the waters on jet skis in search of the shark(s) and reported a large number of turtles in the area.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his family and we wish him a fast and healthy recovery