Kalani David’s Near Death Experience

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.36.38 AM Kalani, beat up but alive!

We recently stumbled across a picture of Kalani David in a hospital bed, with tubes in his veins and a face full of cuts.

His caption explains the scene: I was skating with @max_jenson@tonechapo @travisrivera and all of a sudden I went into a seizure, fell on my face and woke up in an ambulance also my heart stopped. I had 3 seizures after that when I got to the hospital. So grateful to be alive!

Being both friends and fans of Kalani, we decided to check in and see how he was doing. Most of all, we wanted to know what the hell happened. This is what we learned.

Surfing: Dude! Are you alright? What happened?!
Kalani: Yeah, I'm doing better now, thanks. I was just skating Prince Park in Oceanside, I was working on a run, and right after I finished my run I told my friend, "I don't feel good. I feel really weird." That's the last thing I remember, but I guess right then mmy heart stopped and I fell over, smashed my face on the asphalt. When I woke up I was in the ambulance, then I passed back out. When I woke up the next time I was in the ER.

S: When you said you didn't feel good, where in your body did you feel that?
K: My heart and my and head and my chest. I couldn't really breathe and felt really lightheaded and weird. All of a sudden, everything just stopped.

S: What's happened since then?
K: So my heart stopped and they brought me back, but I've had three separate seizures since the initial incident, the most recent one being yesterday morning.

S: Are you in stable condition right now?
K: Yeah I'm gonna be able to leave pretty soon. I'm actually doing a lot better right now.

S: Was the initial incident caused by a heart attack or what are the doctors thinking?
K: They're saying it might have been a stroke. But recently it's just been seizures. I almost bit my tongue off.

S: What kind of injuries did you sustain?
K: Just my face.

S: Have the doctors given you any idea as to what caused all of this?
K: They don't know for sure, but they think it's because I have Wolf Parkinson-White Syndrome, which messes up the electricity that runs through my heart.

S: Did you have any idea that you had that?
K: No I just found out.

S: Is there anything the doctors can do to fix this syndrome?
K: Yeah so it causes an extra muscle to form on your heart, and that thing speeds your heart rate up way too high, so I have to get surgery to remove the muscle.

S: Like open heart surgery?
K: Yeah I think so.

S: Is that going to happen right away or do you have to wait for a while?
K: I think I have to wait for a little before they can do it.

S: Are you able to surf?
K: No because if I have a seizure in the water I could drown. I can skate, but anything in the water is out of the question. I’m really lucky this didn’t happen while surfing, I would have been screwed.

S: Damn! Well all the boys at Surfing wish you a speedy recovery, and good luck with the surgery. Let us know if we can do anything to help.
K: Thanks!