Kelly Giving Away Golden Tickets to Wavepool

Kelly Wonka and his minions.

Kids get your Insulin ready, 'cause Slater's got a whole lot of chocolate for ya.

Just this morning, Kelly Slater announced via the WSL's Instagram that he will be giving away two Golden Tickets to the world's best water park. That's right folks, you and a friend could be some of the first non-pros to ride Kelly's most coveted creation - his wavepool!

Surely I need not list the perks of riding that chocolaty piece of perfection, so let's get into the details. In order to put your name in the running, you're gonna have to login to Omaze and cough up $10 for 100 entries. If you're a bit of a high-roller, you can pay much higher amounts of money for different perks including a signed Slater Designs surfboard for $7,500 and 75,000 entries or a Turtle Bay Resort stay and VIP access to the Pipe Masters for $50,000 and 500,000 entries. Then again, if you have that kind of money lying around you might as well just make your own wavepool for private use.

Also, keep in mind that even if you are not selected, the money is going to a good cause. WSL Pure reaps the reward of your surf-obsessed mind, and they are a "philanthropic initiative of the World Surf League, dedicated to supporting ocean health through the key areas of research, education and advocacy." So when you lose, we all win!

I just pray that some complete kook doesn't win this drawing. Remember when that non-surfer-chick won a trip with Slater to Tavarua? UGHHHH. And if I have to watch some guy on a soft-top missing waves, falling on drops, or barrel dodging at Slater's wavepark, I'm gonna lose my shit.

But I'd still take that over a screwfoot winning. -Michael Ciaramella

In case you need a reminder of what’s at stake…