Kelly Slater Special Issue: Out This Week on Newsstands Only

Captions and Photos by Steve Sherman

When the time came to decide how we’d cover Kelly Slater's obviously monumental feat, it didn't take long for us to call Steve Sherman. For more than 25 years, Sherm has been shooting surfing and skating like it was radical art. His portfolio consists of enough iconic photojournalism, portraits and legends of the sport at their most intimate times to fill myriad books and museum walls. So it was pretty easy to get him on the front line in Puerto Rico. He's done this before. Sherm has been documenting Kelly Slater very closely for 18 years and they've developed a fantastic working and personal relationship, allowing Sherm access to photographing Kelly all over the world, way behind the scenes. For a fan of surfing, this collection should bring back some memories and hopefully supply a few new ones. Here Sherm narrates us through a few outtakes of the issue. Grab a copy at your local shop — these are only available on newsstands and at surf retailers.