Kelly Slater Wave Pool Proposed For San Diego

America’s finest city has the opportunity to become even finer. This morning, six different proposals were made public in regards to San Diego’s plan of revamping its Seaport Village area, the bustling waterfront shopping center nestled into the city’s Downtown. Non news for the most part as far as surfing goes, but one proposal from McWhinney and DJM Capital Partners did catch the eye.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.49.58 AM

Amongst McWhinney’s many many visions and qualifications laid out in their 65 page document (one of the more emphasized being Huntington Beach’s new Pacific City development), a Kelly Slater Wave Pool is humbly proposed to be built on the outcropping that divides the Embarcadero marina with the San Diego Bay. The McWhinney group has already built a strong partnership with the Kelly Slater Wave Co. as their proposal devotes two entire pages to expressing their confidence in its excellence. If their plan is indeed chosen, it’s fairly certain that we could be seeing the first ever public K.S. pool right here in our backyard.

The six Seaport Village proposals are being displayed to the public both today and tomorrow from 3-7 pm in Room 2 of the San Diego Convention center where the port board will be taking questions and comments into consideration for their next meeting on July 13, which will be devoted entirely to this project. Upon deciding on plan for the area, the actual construction won’t begin until 2019, making the mid 2020’s a realistic completion date.

With that being said, if you buzz with excitement at the thought of a readily available chlorinated paradise at the tips of your fingers in the next decade, go make your voice heard.