UnknownKelly Slater wins the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro.

It’s not like he needed the points. Qualification was the last thing on Kelly Slater’s mind when he threw his name in the hat for the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro. He had nothing to earn, nothing to prove — the king just wanted to get really barreled. And to nobody’s surprise, Kelly did just that. He dropped a 10, he dropped jaws, he dropped panties. He did just about everything besides grab rail — check Brent Bielmann’s sequence below of the 10 point ride in Round 4.

After dominating all event, Kelly bagged a 9.57 in the opening minute of the final. Mason Ho, Adriano de Souza and Wiggoly Dantas could never catch up. The king added another trophy to his infinite collection and earned 2000 entirely useless points to his unnecessary 2014 WQS campaign.