Kelly Slater’s Got An Announcement To Make

With his phone’s camera positioned uncomfortably close to his chiseled mug, Kelly Slater went live on his Facebook page this afternoon to make a big announcement. That announcement? He will be retiring. Kidding! But he did make Peter Taras gasp and yell, “I f**kin knew it!!” with that cruel, cruel joke. Apologize to Peter, Kelly.

No, the announcement that Kelly made today was that he will be giving away one more golden ticket for two to his sacred little surf ranch. AND, if his campaign with Omaze receives $100,000 big ones within the next twenty four hours, he’ll give away his board from Lowers last year. Thrilled? As you should be.

But I think the bigger story here is Kelly’s noble work behind the camera. The man made me sit through five minutes of him blatantly stalling and blabbering about traffic and weather and pretty much every nightmarish topic of small talk that if annnyyone else you were to hit you with, you’d probably fake a phone call, graciously apologize, but assure you have to take it, and swiftly walk the opposite direction. But he’s Kelly slater, and those deep blue eyes have some sort of magnetic pull. Should Kelly go into filibustering post-surf career? I think yes.

Anyways, if you still have yet to enter for your chance to win a weekend at Slater’s wave with a friend, we recommend you do so here.