Kelly Slater’s Outerknown Is Here

Kelly Slater, not for the birds. Photo: Corey Wilson

On April 1st, 2014, Kelly Slater waltzed away from his forever sponsorship with Quiksilver. The decision seemed to have come out of nowhere and the visions of Kelly on a logo-less board made our stomachs feel like we’d ingested sour milk mixed with cheap vodka. That feeling went away over time, and it became apparent that Kelly’s decision wasn’t as whimsical as the world of knee-jerkers thought it was. Not at all. Kelly left because he had something cooking.

That something was Outerknown, a clothing brand that “explores the relationship between style, function and sustainability.” In an exclusive interview with SURFING, Kelly said that the brand set out to use sustainable materials and keep the labor away from sweatshops. He also said that Outerknown would be higher end, and that it would not be a surf brand. You can read the full interview here.

Anyway, Outerknown launched today and it is not a surf brand. As in, there are no $20 logo tees. Instead, there are $495 organic cotton blazers that look like this. Swane-keeee.

Whether Outerknown explores the relationship between style, function, sustainability and your credit card or not, it’s hard not to appreciate what the champ and friends put together here. At 43 years old, Kelly knows that World Title life ain’t forever. Outerknown seems like it’ll keep him plenty busy in the future. Plus, that $78 tee shirt does look pretty comfortable…

See Outerknown’s full clothing line here.