Kelly Vs. Albee: Whose Air Was Better?

It’s a 720. I’m just going to put that out there. Because surfing currently seems to be in a state of illusion that holds itself to some different standard than all other boardsports (which would unanimously call this two rotations, therefore being a 720). So please, argue with me in the comments, email me expletives (, or forever hold your peace.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for some comparison. We’ll be the first to say that these airs by Kelly Slater and Albee Layer were both phenomenal in their own right – two of the most groundbreaking maneuvers surfing has seen in quite sometime. But one of ’em has got to be better than the other, right? Well, we asked you, our beloved audience, what you thought. We did so through some fancy new polling tech on Facebook Live (and even got some praise for it!) and the results poured in. Those results go as follows:

Albee Layer: 1,585 votes

Kelly Slater: 1,744 votes

Sure enough, the King reigned supreme. His frontside spin in Portugal was the first of its kind, and according to you, was better than Albee’s backside counter attack. Does this surprise you? Does this make you fiery with disagreeance? Or did Kelly’s frustratingly beautiful mug cause your cursor to gravitate toward it and click against your will? It happens!

So, we’ll ask again, who’s was better? Kelly’s or Albee’s? Or Matt’s…thing!?

Oh yea, and that whole 540/720/900 debate can down right here too.

Gloves are off! –Dayton Silva