Keoki Seguibo Needs Your Help

Keoki Saguibo-JohnJohnKEO_6798
Remember this incredible cover shot? It never would have happened without the relentless dedication of Keoki Seguibo. Photo: Keoki

While it remains the setting of our favorite pastime, the ocean is rarely a friendly place.

While surfing in Indonesia, Keoki assumedly took a heavy fall and came up unconscious. He had to be resuscitated by fellow surfers, but his regaining of consciousness was only the tip of the iceberg. Keoki slammed hard enough that he is currently paralyzed from the waist down. He was airlifted to Singapore in order to get treatment, and it was there he learned that he was at risk of secondary drowning.

The facts are a bit fuzzy at the moment, but the goal right now is to get Keoki home in one piece. Unfortunately his insurance doesn’t cover most of the expenses that he’s accrued through the emergency medical care, which is where we the people come in.

Keoki’s close friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me page, setting the goal at a conservative $50,000. The good news is, as of the time of publishing, the crowdfunding has already surpassed the goal, amassing over $53,000. The even better news is, you can keep giving! Truth be told, these expenses will likely reach closer to $100,000 after all is said and done. Rehab and continual treatment cost a pretty penny, and chances are Keoki has a long way to go before he’s back in the lineup. So please, if you can, donate. You’ll never remember that $20, but it could help a wonderful soul get back on his feet.

Thanks in advance.

Keoki, in his element. Let’s get him back here.