Kustom Air Strike Update

Pat Gudauskas

As the final waiting period comes to a close, the Kustom Air Strike is seeing some amazing last minute entries.

As Pat Gudauskas travels to the far reaches of the world in Tasmania for valuable WQS points, he found some time to punt a massive Front side no grab Reverse. This air is seriously gigantic and there is no other way to describe it, well maybe ridicules would work as well.

Since Pat was so far away from the things we deem normal like a phone and internet, he and his brothers Dane and Tanner made the hour and a half drive to the nearest town in "hopes" of finding internet so they could enter the clip. They didn't even know if the waiting period was still open for Air Strike so they made the trek on a whim and let me tell you how stoked we are that they did.

This isn't the first contending clip of Pats this year and by the way he's pushing it I wouldn't doubt we see another.

Truly one of the top 10 in our 1st annual international event, Pat has helped raise the bar in the final week and we couldn't be more stoked for his performance and entry.

Not impressed? Don't believe it? Go to the site yourself and check it with your own eyes. We didn't believe it the first time we saw it either…


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