Kustom Air Strike Week In Review

This week's Kustom Airstrike entry is Pat Gudauskas's flip in the Maldives. Look for Pat to log in a few more entries before the contest is over, as competition is getting heavy. Check it out here, at www.KustomAirStrike.com

Where was it?

It was in the Maldives.

How many attempts in that session?

It’s weird 'cause in that session I think I stuck a handful of them…but I probably tried it like 10 or 12 times. The wave was so perfect for rolls that evening because there was a little onshore bump and it was low tide — just soft landing strips. I was twitching to do them 'cause it was so good for them.

How many attempts in your life?

I’ve been trying those since I was in high school. For me, it all started with Aaron Cormican’s gorkin flip at Lowers. It blew my mind and after I saw that I wanted to do one so bad. I just tried whenever a wave would close out or look probable for one.

What will be the next air attempt?

I really like those Kerrupt airs. I think they look super fun — kind of like you're an acrobat or something. Also the sushi roll, but maybe with a rodeo twist. It seems like it would be the same mechanics of the rodeo, but with a little spice added…could be fun.

What will you do with the $50,000?

I would throw a rager and buy a twelve-string guitar.