Kustom Air Strike Week In Review

Welcome to the Kustom Air Strike Week in Review. The mission is simple: To highlight one front-runner a week until the contest ends in March. Since August, whacky aerialists have been submitting their videos to kustomairstrike.com for the world to witness and judge. So far, there has been lots of loony sh*t going down, from Jay Davies' massive punt to this week's star, Ryan Carlson's Kerrupt flip. So here's Ryan, breaking it down for you:

Where was it?

{{{Rocky}}} Point, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

How many attempts in that session?

Three attempts. This one that I pulled was on my first wave of the session. I thought I was on a role but it ended fast.

How many attempts in your life?

To many — I try to forget all of those. I think I would stop surfing if I knew that number.

What are you attempting next for the Air Strike contest?

Bigger Airs with more rotation — just trying to get more inverted. This is a good event and I think in time it could help push surfing pretty far. It’s nerve-racking just knowing that I am close to taking home money, but there is so much time left…and I want to go bigger. I'm sure anyone that gives a damn wants the same too.

What will you do with the $50,000?

Throw a huge thank you party, and then go on some of the trips I could never afford to go on. I think whoever wins this contest is going to feel really good about themselves. The feeling alone from pulling off something big enough to win this type of event must be insane — then you get check for $50,000 and that just tops it all.

We’ll see in March who takes it — 'till then I am going all out.

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