Kustom Air Strike: Week In Review

This week's Kustom Airstrike launch of the week belongs to Ratboy. Rat has been doing airs forever. Literally. We're pretty sure he did his first one back in '54. And guess what? He can still do them as well as any of the kids out there. And this here backside big spin proves it. SURFING caught up with Rat to talk about his clip, skating, and peer pressure.

What have you been up to lately?

Just surfing a bunch, as much as I can anyway.

What is your favorite wave in Santa Cruz for doing airs?

For doing airs, probably the Ave. or, shoot I don't know, The Lane is pretty good.

Tell me about that backside big spin you did.

It was a pretty average day up the coast and everyone was talking shit about no one doing anything, so I just threw it out there.

Where was it?

It was at the left at Ao. It's not really known for it's lefts, but that's how bad it was.I haven't seen it on video yet so I don't even know if it should be up there. It felt good, but there are some gnarly clips up right now. That Mitch Coleborn one at Indo, I like that one a lot.

Looks pretty skate-inspired — do you skate at all?

I do a little bit now, but I haven't really skated for a while. Stretch has a mini ramp in the parking lot, and I've been skating that thing. I want to do that Ultimate Boarder thing down in Ventura and Big Bear. It has surfing, skating, and snowboarding, so I gotta get on my game, otherwise I'm gonna get last.

You've won all kinds of airshows, so how important is the Kustom Airstrike Challenge?

I didn't really know about it until a month and a half ago. We're pretty isolated up here, and it's been a long winter. I heard people talking about it and I thought, "Man, I gotta try and get something in there." It's been pretty average around here. There've been some good waves, but not a lot for airs — I've been kind of bummed.

What do you think of these young up-and-comers vying for the air torch that you have carried for so long?

It's pretty cool. I was watching Stranger Than Fiction the other day and every clip was, like, a full rotation alley-oop or a barrel roll or a 360. Guys are definitely pushing it.

True or false: all Westsiders are good at airs.

False. A lot of people suck over there (laughs). It's like anywhere. There are a lot of good surfers and a lot of shitty surfers everywhere. And airs are standard now — you see guys doing superman's in their 'CT heats.

What will you do with the money if you win the 50 G's?

Shit, I don't know, probably remodel my house.

Check out video of all the Kustom Air Strike contenders at www.kustomairstrike.com