Lake Atlantic May Come to Life

Hurricane Sandy in Southern North Carolina, October 2012
Hurricane Sandy did some serious damage up north, but the South Atlantic still remembers it fondly. North Carolina, October 2012. Photo: Struntz

The Lake Atlantic, evil cousin to the Atlantic Ocean, is a wave-poor anomaly that visits America's eastern shores on an irregular basis.

From all accounts on the eastern front, the Lake Atlantic has made an unwelcome appearance in Summer 2016. Surfers have begged, pleaded, and prayed to gods of all sorts to end the insufferable flatspell — but to no avail. According to sources in New Jersey, this has been the worst season for waves, since like, forever. Hmph.

But! Is it coming to an end? NOAA thinks so.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, conditions both in the ocean and in the atmosphere have improved for the potential of tropical activity in the coming months. Increased water temps throughout the Atlantic and low pressure systems near the equator have resulted in multiple potential storms for the next few weeks. On top of that, NOAA has indicated a 70% chance that there will be 12-17 tropical systems this year, with 12 being the annual average. Of these 12-17 systems, they expect 5-8 to become hurricanes (74+ mph sustained winds), with 2-4 of these becoming major hurricanes (111+ mph sustained winds). This is expected to be the most active hurricane season since 2012.

With one storm currently brewing and perhaps another in its wake, the anxiety is quickly building on the right coast. Is it finally their time to shine? Who knows! But hey, remember guys, nothing kills a hurricane quicker than hyping it up, so maybe it's best to lay low for now. Better yet, use this content to pass the time:

If you need a reminder on what to do if a swell actually shows up, read this.

Or if you need some visual stimulation, peep:
this if you’re from NJ
this if you’re from FL
this if you’re from NC
this if you’re from NH.

Ha! Got you New Hampshire. That’s for skunking me on three separate occasions.