Landscape About To Get Very Altered


Mitch, Kerr, Marzo, Chippa and Davies head to Indo in search of clips for the Kustom Airstrike Challenge with Kai Neville and Surfing's Tom Carey.

By Matt Skenazy

Last year Dusty Payne pocketed $50,000 thanks to Kustom for an air he would have done anyways. He's gnarly. But this year is different. Guys are going out with the specific goal of stomping that game-altering maneuver of the year. And Kai Neville is leading them. And now, in a post-Modern Collective era, can you even imagine what it will take to win?

What was deemed a good clip last year is a throwaway this year. Surfers can't expect to produce a good bit of video without logging the hours and putting in the proverbial blood sweat and tears. Specific trips need to be set up. Footage and maneuvers attempted on repeat. Maybe study some skaters. "I've got all kinds of stuff for these guys to study from skating and snowboarding we're bringing," said Kai Neville, just before boarding his flight.

We also caught up with two of the surfers on the trip to see just what they had up their sleeve for the 2010 Kustom Airstrike.

Jay Davies:

I’m not really going to focus too hard on the one trick, it's not the way I work. I’ll just take the wave and see what it offers me.

After Dusty won last year with a big air reverse, it’s hard to predict what will take it out. I think a huge rotation with different grabs should be the key…even no grab because its a lot harder to land without holding your board under yourself.

Guys like Jordy, Dane and Taj didn’t even enter a clip last year. I think after last year we will be seeing a lot more of them try to make a quick buck.

Chippa Wilson:

On this trip I'm thinking about trying some more tech moves like 360 varials, alley-oop varial combo, backside bigspins and some flips. I can only see what happens.

I think we'll be seeing some bigger moves in terms of height of the air and rotations. Also some more tech moves being thrown down.

There's so much talent these days, but Josh Kerr and Wade Goddall are my two favorites to win it this year.

Davies and Wilson will be joined by Mitch Coleborn, Clay Marzo, and Josh Kerr and are currently on a plane in search of the perfect ramp.

Stay tuned to to see what they find.