Last Call For Steep and Deep 2015

_CW00555Eli Olson, very steep and awfully deep. Photo: Corey Wilson

The Volcom Pipe Pro finished Monday, early, because the waves and weather for the remainder of the waiting period didn't look so hot. And since the 2015 Steep And Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge ends this Monday, February 9, it stands to reason that the best Pipe image of the season has probably already been shot. And there've been some great ones. We've witnessed so many.

So this is our reminder to photographers that signed up for Steep and Deep to start submitting those photos they've been saving. This is also a reminder to the surfers that signed up for Steep and Deep to pester the photogs to submit those photos they've been saving.

As a reminder, submission works like this:

Step 1: Post your image of Pipe to Instagram with the tag #steepanddeep2015
Step 2: That's it. You're finished.

ALTERNATIVELY, if you're a photographer that doesn't have Instagram or are saving a photo for print, email submissions to

On Monday a panel of Pipeline specialists will start mining through the river of submissions to find the gold, then we'll post the top 10 finalists on our website for voting. The winners (photog and surfer) will get cash, prizes and a year's worth bragging rights. (It's one of the few instances where we condone bragging.)

Rest your swim fins, intrepid shutterbugs. Empty your memory cards. Start posting. Start tagging. Great work. Good luck.