Situated in a quaint and historic hotel on the beach in Santa Monica, the Second Annual Life Rolls On Night By the Ocean kicked off on the night of July 24th at the Hotel Casa Del Mar in full regalia. Comers were greeted by a host of bellman and valets and then ushered forward in front of the camera. A few smiles and a couple flashes later, guests were led down handsome stairs to the check in station.

There they found celebrity attendees like X-Games host Sal Masekela, the creator of the documentary "Super Size Me", {{{Morgan}}} Spurlock, Actress Minnie Driver, the entire Incubus crew (Jose Pasillas, Ben Kenney, Chris Kilmore, Mike Einziger, and Brandon Boyd), professional surfer Brad Gerlach, David Chokachi, former NFL star Lance Zeno and of course, the evening's host and true stars, Jesse Billauer and his brother Josh. Also on hand were several other action sports athletes who had, at one point in their lives, fallen victim to spinal cord injuries. These guests acted as gravity to the head-in-the-clouds celebrity fanfare, as they reminded all of the true purpose of this gathering: To help fund the fight against Spinal Cord Injury, or SCI.

As Dr. Hans Kerstad, Associate professor at the Reeve-Irvine Spinal Cord Injury Research Center would later testify, until very recently, SCI was unanimously considered unapproachable by both the medical and scientific communities. Today, with new attitudes, new funding, and new techniques of research, SCI has come to be considered "curable," with the ultimate cure, complete and total rehabilitation, a finite amount of dollars and manpower away.

In total over $145,000 was raised by 365 guests and volunteers via a silent auction, a live auction, and an outright call for pledge money from Jesse himself. Of this total, a large contribution will go directly to the Christopher Reeve Foundation, the world's leading hub of SCI research.

And for the people on hand, whether they were celebrities, SCI athletes, men and women of the business community, or simply fans of Jesse, they all did their part to bring the world one step closer to the ultimate goal of getting these injury victims back on their feet – and back on whatever action sports vehicle they once enjoyed.

Life Rolls On Charity {{{Golf}}} TournamentNow in its 7th year, the Life Rolls On Charity Golf tournament has become a celebrated event that people in the surf community anticipate. As always, the weather and the course exceeded all expectations.

In beautiful brush strokes of green, sandwiched among the red-dirt and sage covered hills of {{{Malibu}}} lies the Malibu Country Club and its spacious 18 holes. On hand to tackle the links this year were surfers like WCT maestro Tim Curran, Autralian power-house and excellent golfer, Luke Hitchings, and L.A. ripper and budding entrepreneur, Pascal Stansfield.

(In true entrepreneurial form, Pascal decided to sponsor his own hole this year and chose to forgo the formality of using it for marketing a business entity. On the fourth tee it simply read: "Pascal Stansfield." While virtually every other hole was underwritten by some business or another, Pascal presumably considers himself his best asset.)

Aside from the occasional semi-intoxicated volunteer (of course, "it was just the heat") who managed her cart into a ditch and broke the axle, almost every team took a serious run at winning the tourney.

The winning score came in at 17 under, with team Biometics taking first prize. Other awards were won by deSatnick's Window Fashions (who flew out from New Jersey), and Team Hurley B. All told, $30,000 was raised at the golf tournament, bringing the two day total (See "Night By the Ocean") to $175,000, an 60% percent increase over this time last year. And while team Biometics may have won the tourney on the scorecards, there's no arguing the real victor on July 25th is Life Rolls On and spinal cord injury athletes around the globe.

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